In the dark of the night, we are kept awake.

Unspoken concerns and fears parade under eyelids as we worry in silence.

The worst of all fears, we believe we are alone.


Vigil is a durational performance which takes place from sunset to sunrise. The performer stays awake overnight, holding the audience’s fears and worries. The city can sleep in peace.

Vigil was first presented at DISKURS 17 in Giessen, Germany.

The space can be visited by one audience member at a time - once inside the room, the visitor is invited to share their concerns, questions and inquietations under an agreement of confidentiality. A symbolic gesture marks the delivery.

The performer occupies the designated space for the whole duration of the performance with the set intention of keeping vigil over the night of the city and working as a depository and archivist of private and  collective concerns.

A vigil is a time of introspection and devotional attention, and it evokes a long history of religious practice and of pacifist political protest. The piece works with this cultural reference as it enacts a symbolic collective purgation.

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