She stabs, pierces, perforates. 


Thread counts the stitches as she looks back.

Needlework is a durational installative performance which has as a point of departure the repetitive gesture of embroidering. In deliberate contrast with the docility associated to the practice, here the harsh reality of its material execution is highlighted. 

Embroidery work is produced by a sharp object that pierces the soft surface of the material as to leave a trace in form of thread. No matter how simple or how complicated the stitch or pattern, the basic procedure remains the same.

The performance brings to the public space the time of the work itself. The content of the embroidery makes visible the internal landscape of the person doing the work and reclaims the activity as a potential place of empowerment, critical attitude and protagonism.

Needlework was produced with the support of the Belluard Festival in Fribourg, Switzerland.

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